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Commercial Advertising Photography & Video.  Studio & Location UK

  • “Beautifully shot, clear images with an artistic flair and close attention to the brief.”
  • “Always friendly and offers good advice, can meet deadlines.”
  • “I have always found Martin very reliable and his standard of work is outstanding."
  • “Professional high quality product, great eye for detail and reliable service”.
  • “Martin is extremely reliable and provides a fantastic high quality service.”

Highly skilled commercial photographer in Wales, and throughout the United Kingdom.  Studio Vale are specialists in business advertising and industrial photography and video. 

Whether you’re looking for images of people, products or places, our role is simple:

To help you sell, educate, persuade and inform. How? By creating amazing, powerful images. Images that speak directly and clearly to your target market. In brief, visual messages that really resonate with them. And, to inspire strong feelings. Emotions, perhaps. Maybe responses they’re not even aware of, but they can’t help but have. In fact, powerful enough for that essential call to action. Which is? A phone call, an email, a visit – even a direct sale.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the power of great commercial photography.

So, why not get in touch for more information: enquiries@studiovale.co.uk

Experienced Commercial Photographer in Wales

Based in the Vale of Glamorgan (hence our name), South Wales uplifts and inspires us to deliver high-quality work that meets the demands of your project, first time and every time. Whether you’re looking for images of products, events or locations, if it involves a camera or a video, Studio Vale can do it.

What can we do? To summarise, pack shots, still life, images for social media, and website photography. Also, brilliant pictures for your advertising campaign or for your catalogue. In fact, for any industry sector, of any size or type. Studio Vale has the experience and the know-how that you need.


The Studio Vale Approach

For your peace of mind, our work is planned, prepared and executed with high levels of creative technical expertise. We’ll bring our specialist knowledge to each project. For example, through styling and lighting each subject with care and attention. We can bring natural textures or surfaces to life. in the same way, products can take centre stage. Equally, we can enhance them with other objects, to help bring out their natural, rich hues.

In brief, with our concise, digital post-production know-how the result will be stunning photographs. Quite simply, we make a complex task look easy.


Is This You?

Are you a busy advertising or marketing agency? Or, part of a marketing department in a business? Either way, you’re serious about your audience. And, how you communicate with them.

Let us help you reach them in images. Studio Vale offers commercial photography that blows stock images out of the park.

Why not get in touch for more information: enquiries@studiovale.co.uk

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